Love and Sourdough

Pizza chef at the Luggage Room has found her niche
By EDDIE RIVERA, Editor, Weekendr Magazine
Published on Apr 21, 2023

Gabriella “Gabby” Galvan, sous chef at the Luggage Room at La Grande Orange restaurant in Pasadena, loves pizza. She lives for it, in fact. 

That love and her talent was why she was hired by the restaurant—specifically for her pizza expertise,  and her way  with pizza dough. 

On the eve of DINE LA Restaurant Week in Pasadena, she chatted with us about her own pizza history, a decade of sauce, dough and cheese.

“I was a pastry chef and a baker for a long time,” she said, after setting down a Gladiator Pizza (house-sliced pepperoni, in-house sausage, and a five-cheese blend, over their homemade sauce) on the table for us.

“I decided to make a switch over to something savory,  and try a restaurant,” she continued. I ended up at a pizza restaurant doing salads and desserts. Moved up from there,  and found the absolute love of my life. And I’ve been doing it 10 years later. I’m still here doing it.”

We noticed the unique taste and bite of her chewy specialty sourdough crust right and inquired about it, between bites.

“Sourdough is my favorite style,” she explained. “I just love the entire process of keeping a starter going. And the flavor is just unbeatable.”

We noted the definite kick in the pizza and the gentle tangy aftertaste of the sourdough, and asked if she had any secrets for creating the dough starter. 

She was quick to offer none of her own secrets for her dough, but allowed that, “Most starters start off the same. You know, you get your water, your flour, but it’s how you feed it, how you take care of it. Like just like a child.”

And appropriately, she added. “I care about the pizzas I make, and I make them all with love.”  

The 15-year anniversary Spring edition of Dine LA Restaurant Week,

runs from Friday, April 28, through Friday, May 12, 2023, when dozens of Pasadena area restaurants will be offering special menus and prices. 

“Old Pasadena has been promoting our restaurants’ participation in Dine LA since its inception and now we’re celebrating 15 years,” said Janet Schwarz, director of marketing & events for Old Pasadena Management District.

More information on Dine LA Restaurant Week is available here.

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