Old Pasadena Beckons Anew, With New Shops to Explore and a Burgeoning Restaurant Scene

Old Pasadena is flourishing again
By CYNTHIA YANG, Weekendr Staff Writer
Published on May 13, 2021

If you’ve not been to Old Pasadena in some time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what is now the “new normal” ambience. Streets are lined with outdoor restaurants and twinkling lights, and with the onset of summer, the still-growing crowds will return as well.

There are numerous outdoor spaces, as well as the comfortable and convenient commUNITY Dining area on Big Bang Theory Way, with picnic tables for savoring under umbrellas during the day or café-lighting in the evening.

A number of new shops and restaurants have also opened their doors in Old Pasadena in just the last 30 days:

  • Room & Board

  • Naughty Vegan Panda

  • Gloss Nail Spa

  • Kaviar Sushi Bar

  • Brazilian Acai Bowls & Juice Bar

  • Tacos 1986

  • Cozy Comfort Mattress

  • Chakra Indian Kitchen

  • Shopaholic Sample Sales

  • Bodegon No. 69

  • U Street Pizza

  • Delight Pastry

  • Aēsop

  • Noodle St.

  • Jake’s Trustworthy Burgers & Beer

  • Agnes Restaurant & Cheesery (coming soon)

The  new restaurants are quickly helping to restore Old Pasadena into a truly culinary destination, with  a range of experiences from fast-casual to chef-driven, and from international cuisine to local favorites.

One Colorado’s Food District added Naughty Vegan Panda and Tacos 1986 to their row of Union Street eateries.  Union Restaurant recently expanded its footprint with U Street Pizza next door offering artisan/authentic New York pies.  Upscale Japanese kitchen Kaviar Sushi Bar has joined Raymond Avenue, and  Bodega No. 69 has opened with an authentic Peruvian menu.

Noodle St., also on Colorado Boulevard,  features traditional Chinese noodles, all hand-pulled in varying shapes and textures for a variety of dishes.

Meanwhile, Chakra Indian Kitchen brings the curry to the scene.  Delight Pastry is also available for European-style desserts and baked goods, while Brazilian Acai Bowls & Juice Bar offers a healthy menu of delicious bowls and juices.

Jake’s Trustworthy Burgers & Beer has returned to its original location on Colorado Boulevard, where the burger spot  first appeared, serving its double-patty Angus burger in 1947.

Agnes Restaurant & Cheesery will open on Green Street later this summer.  The space includes a fine cheese store, as well as a market café featuring wood-fired hearth cooking and an open kitchen. A large patio is also the perfect spot for Sunday Brunch. We’ll keep our eyes open for you for the opening dates.

The complete directory is peep-able at  www.oldpasadena.org.

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