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Oneonta Club Holds Virtual Scholarship Meeting

Published on May 3, 2021

The Oneonta Club in South Pasadena is meeting virtually on Monday, May 10, to announce the foundation’s annual scholarship awards.

The club was founded in 1923 to render “free and unselfish service to each other and our country,” according to the Oneonta Club’s history statement.

The club’s name, Oneonta, is a Native American word meaning “place of peace.” It is the name of a town in New York where Henry Huntington had his home. Huntington brought the name with him when he moved to California.

The club began awarding scholarships to worthy students in 1955, and the Oneonta Club Foundation was set up in 1975 as a nonprofit organization to take care of the annual scholarship program.

Each year, the foundation now awards three $10,000 scholarships to graduating seniors from South Pasadena High School. It also awards a $1,000 stipend to two South Pasadena Unified School District teachers — one each from elementary school and high school.

Since 1955, the Oneonta Club Foundation has provided scholarships to over 130 deserving students. Dan Evans, one of the 1955 scholarship winners, is an active club member, past president, current board member of the foundation, and committee chair and host of the upcoming 2021 Scholarship Awards Presentation Meeting.

Monday’s meeting will be on Zoom and begins at 6 p.m.

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