Pasadena Village’s Health Booster: Get Vaccinated and Receive a $20 Gift Card

Published on Nov 12, 2023

If you’re 60 years or older, Pasadena Village is rolling out an enticing offer as an initiative to safeguard the well-being of the community: Get vaccinated for COVID-19 or the flu before March 22, and receive a $20 gift card as a token of appreciation. 

With the focus on Pasadena’s oldest – and youngest – residents, Pasadena Village is actively promoting community health by encouraging vaccinations. The $20 gift card incentive, one way of rewarding you for your commitment to the community, and applies to vaccinations administered before the specified date or while supplies last.

In collaboration with the Aging and Disability Vaccination Collaborative, powered by USAging, Pasadena Village is part of the “You’ve Got This” initiative, aimed at achieving one million COVID-19 and flu vaccinations within 17 months, addressing common barriers faced by older adults and vulnerable populations.

Once you’ve signed up, Pasadena Village will guide you through the process. They’ll help you schedule in-home vaccinations, make appointments, and even arrange free rides to your vaccine appointment. It’s a seamless experience designed to ensure you can access the vaccine easily.

To avail yourself of this opportunity, visit: 

or call (626) 765-6037. 

Their friendly staff is ready to connect you with health professionals and help you schedule your vaccine appointment.

Incidentally, Pasadena Village is also looking for more volunteer drivers. If you’re interested in contributing to community health, contact volunteer coordinator Priyanka Kumar at (626) 765-6037 or email

“Pasadena Village is proud to partner with USAging and the 200+ organizations throughout the U.S. to help our neighbors access life-saving vaccines,” Rick Holliday, Pasadena Village Board member, said. 

Earlier this year, Pasadena Village received a sub-grant from Village to Village Network, the national association of villages, to support tailored outreach specifically for older residents. Village to Village Network was granted funding from the National Council on Aging to help older adults and people with disabilities receive the latest COVID-19 recommended vaccination and flu vaccines. 

“Older adults can ask the Pasadena Village team for help with a ride or making an appointment to get vaccinated, but we only play one part in the health of our community,” Holliday said. “We rely on partnerships with the Pasadena and LA health departments and local health care providers, as well as each individual to make this a priority.”

The collaboration aligns with Pasadena Village’s ongoing efforts to enhance community health, reaching out not only to its members but also extending support to neighboring communities.

Pasadena Village is also part of the Aging and Disability Vaccination Collaborative, which distributes funding to organizations across the aging and disability networks and aims to spread awareness and minimize barriers to vaccinations for older adults.

Comprising over 160 active older adults, Pasadena Village is committed to fostering vital independent living with a spirit of mutual support, enrichment, and inclusiveness. Their initiatives extend beyond individual well-being, contributing to the broader health of the community.

For more information, visit

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