Savvvys Cafe: Brewing Trendy Sips in Pasadena’s Chicest Hideout!

Published on Aug 31, 2023

Fasten those Gucci belts  – we’re about to spill some serious tea, and no, we’re not talking about the basic stuff you get from the Starbucks drive-thru.

Scene Change! Imagine: Pasadena’s cozy nook, Savvvys Cafe, where every local in-the-know gets their fix. Picture Central Perk but with less Ross Geller drama and more European chic.

So, the goss? Savannah Bedjakian, the brainy belle behind Savvvys Cafe in Pasadena, has decided to gift our palates this Fall. It’s not just your basic pumpkin spice life – we’re talking blueberry magic, lavishly sultry lavender lemonade, and an unexpected whirlwind of watermelon. The kind of drinks that scream “I summer in Santorini” even if you’ve just been Netflixing in Northridge. 

Now, speaking of Netflix, remember when everyone was obsessing over that bulletproof coffee thing? Think “Emily in Paris” meets Joe Rogan’s podcast – that’s right, Savvy’s is whipping out espressos laced with butter and MCT oil. It’s like your coffee went to a Malibu bootcamp and came back with a six-pack.

If you’re wondering, “Why butter?” – first off, great question, you ever-curious mind! Let’s just say someone’s been having some Aloha-inspo. Yes, darling, our good girl Savannah has friends in high (and tropical) places. Her pal from Hawaii tipped her off. We’re talking total Bond-girl entrance – waves crashing, the scent of hibiscus and, yes, a dash of butter in that coffee.

And let’s have a heart-to-heart moment: Savvvys isn’t just a coffee joint. It’s like if Audrey Hepburn had an affair with Andy Warhol and their love child opened this café. Remember Equator, the once iconic spot where Picasso would’ve recited poetry had he been born a few decades later? Savannah’s dad owned it. Now, as Taylor Swift would croon, she’s building her own “Castle on the Hill”, restoring that feel-good, old Hollywood charm, while adding a sprinkle of millennial hustle.

Miss Bedjakian’s flair for style? Inherited. Her penchant for community? Authentic as a pre-loved Louis Vuitton. The café’s alive with laughter from comedy nights and soulful echoes of poetry evenings. And soon, it’ll be hosting an event celebrating women-led businesses. Picture it: a caffeinated TED Talk with the vibes of a Coachella pop-up.

So, as we approach Fall and you’re out and about looking for your next Instagram story backdrop or perhaps a hazelnut latte that’s always in season, swing by Savvvys. Give it a shot, literally.

Oh, and by the way, if you need that address for your Uber driver, it’s 36 W Colorado Suite 5 & 6, Pasadena. Don’t say we didn’t let you in on LA’s best kept secret! 

For the full scope of indulgence, the menu awaits at So, next time someone says, “Let’s get coffee,” make sure it’s at Savvvys! 

Savvvys Cafe is located at 36 W Colorado Suite 5 & 6 in Pasadena. 

To check out the menu, visit

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