Stretching Your Meal Boundaries

Downtown eateries offer deliveries to Pasadenans
By PETER LATHAM, Weekdnr Staff Writer
Published on Apr 5, 2020

There are so many restaurants in Pasadena that are offering delivery and pickup services, and they’re all great. 

But we decided to stretch those geographical boundaries just a bit the other day, and had a Bento box of sushi delivered from Downtown LA’s  Mrs. Fish. It was frankly,  spectacular.

Perch LA  and the previously mentioned  Mrs. Fish are now available in  one combined delivery session via Postmates, Caviar, and Doordash.

Diners can dive into one of Mrs. Fish’s four bento boxes with Perch’s famous white chocolate bread pudding for dessert, or indulge in Perch’s steak and frites with a side of Mrs. Fish’s ginger truffle salad.

The Perch Pantry is also available for diners to order fresh produce, baked goods, prime meats like filet mignon and the 6 oz. impossible burger, and full-sized alcohol including Japanese beer like Kizakura Kyoto Match IPA ($10/bottle) and the YoHo Wednesday Cat witbier ($10/bottle).

Stretch out a bit, then come back home.

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