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Tips on Saving Money on Power Bills on National Cut Your Energy Cost Day

Published on Jan 6, 2021


Sunday, Jan. 10, is National “Cut Your Energy Cost” Day, and to celebrate, we’ve found some of the best tips and tricks to help you save on your energy bills.

Check out some of these insightful tips to help you lower your next power bill and cut down on energy costs.

First of all, Pasadena Water and Power has a whole page online devoted to energy saving programs for residents and businesses in the city. These include the Home Improvement Program, where PWP provides an expert in-home evaluation and personalized installations to help you save water and power, all at no cost to you; wall insulation, ceiling insulation and Cool Roof rebate programs; a home appliance and fixture rebate program; and a heating and cooling rebate program. 

More information on these programs is available through also lists 10 energy-saving tips that you can share in the effort to safeguard the Earth by reducing your carbon footprint while also cutting costs.

These include using renewable energy to power your home, improving attic insulation, using appliances certified by the Energy Star program, getting a smart thermostat and using LED light bulbs. Other steps to save energy include turning off lights in areas of the house you’re not using, unplugging electrical devices when not in use, placing an exterior shading around your house, and washing laundry in cold water. 

These energy-saving tips will, of course, not matter much if you can’t measure whether they’re working or not. That’s why it’s important to monitor your usage by going over your monthly power and heat bills. 

Most power utility companies offer an energy audit to show you how your energy conservation effort is making an impact, if any. You can check with your power company about these services. 

And if you can afford it, gradually begin the shift to solar power especially if you’re going to be in your current residence for a while. 

It may require quite an investment, but it should provide some comfort knowing homes with solar panel systems installed sell at a higher cost.

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