Tournament of Roses Hosted Captivating Pacific Opera Project Concert on Saturday

Tournament House served as the ideal setting for the Pacific Opera Project concert on the lawn.
Published on Jul 30, 2023

Pacific Opera Project artists (from left to right) Oriana Falla, soprano; Arnold Livingston Geis, tenor; Ben Lowe, baritone; Emily Geller, contralto. [Pasadena Tournament of Roses]

The Pasadena Tournament of Roses partnered with Los Angeles’ Pacific Opera Project to create a captivating concert on the lawn of the historic Tournament House on Saturday, July 29. Tournament House served as a perfect backdrop for the performances.

Aligned perfectly with the 2024 Tournament of Roses theme, “Celebrating a World of Music,” POP opera showcased a seamless blend of diverse musical genres and styles.

“Los Angeles’s Pacific Opera Project lived up to its reputation, delivering an unforgettable performance that encompassed energetic, high-quality opera, making the event accessible, affordable and thoroughly entertaining,” the Tournament said in a statement.

Under the direction of music director Brian Holman, the 90-minute performance included POP favorites such as Arnold Livingston (tenor), Ben Lowe (baritone), Oriana Falla (soprano) and Emily Geller (contralto). The performers brought the stage to life and engaged the audience with their remarkable talent. The evening included a repertoire of performances that featured operatic and musical theater hits from celebrated works such as Rigoletto, Carmen, La Traviata, West Side Story, POP’s recent production of The Barber of Seville at The Ford, and many more.

The event harmonized perfectly with the 2024 Tournament of Roses theme “Celebrating a World of Music: The Universal Language,” unveiled earlier this year by Alex Aghajanian, the current Tournament President and Chairman of the Board of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association.

The theme was carefully chosen to foster unity among people through the enchanting power of music. Aghajanian said he believes that music serves as a universal language, capable of transcending cultural, linguistic, and societal boundaries. It has the unique ability to move, soothe, excite, and delight people from all walks of life, regardless of their diverse cultures, beliefs, hopes, and dreams.

The 2024 Tournament of Roses theme seeks to showcase the profound power and beauty of music, showcasing its potential to unite people from different backgrounds and foster a sense of togetherness while celebrating the richness of human diversity.

With 935 volunteers as members, the Association is gearing up for the 135th Rose Parade on January 1, 2024. The iconic event will be followed by the 110th Rose Bowl Game.

On Tuesday, August, 1 entry forms for the 2024 Royal Court will be available for applicants online.

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