Wake Up! It’s 626 Day!

Pasadena’s newest holiday celebrates the reopening of the city and the start of summer. What could be more fun?
By CYNTHIA YANG, Weekendr Staff Writer
Published on Jun 26, 2021

Saturday morning, you’re still a little bleary, you’re just perusing your phone, when suddenly, you realize, “626 Day?! That’s today!”

You’re going to need some kind of plan before you rush out the door. There are 100 businesses participating in this saleabration today, so, a little organization might be in order.

We consulted with experts.

“I’m looking at the directory planning my own 626 day adventure,” said  Michelle Garrett, special projects manager for the city of Pasadena.

“I might start with artisan chocolates in the morning,” she began,  “and definitely hit up some retro classic arcade games and hopefully pick up some fun stuff for a fishing adventure later this summer.”

Garrett added, “There’s really something for everybody with Pasadena 626 day. And there’s a lot of options. We have so many unique businesses in Pasadena that I think it’s going to be a really fun day for locals and visitors.”

As her cohort Christine Susa,  director of marketing and communications for Visit Pasadena’s city-wide campaign, explained further, “We’re celebrating the reopening and all the things that make Pasadena special. There’s tons of places to shop and dine at our local businesses, and explore our great city.”

Got kids?  There’s the So Cal children’s museum,and  the neon retro arcade has recently reopened,  and they have a great special and free giveaway of a 626 sticker.

The Pasadena ice skating center, which has recently reopened, is also great for a hot day, said Susa.

Food will obviously have to take center stage, so both Susa and Garrett recommend Jake’s trustworthy burger in Old Pasadena. Jakes is doing a chocolate dip soft serve with a meal, said Susa.

And shopping is certainly at the top of your list, right?

Susa likes Cicada, on Washington Boulevard, which has some retro vintage clothing, as well as home goods in the shops at Holly Street.

The Soap Kitchen is also offering a  626 big discount, she said.

The  raffles and giveaways include local hoteliers, said Garrett, along with a social media “Best of” survey on Instagram, where people can vote for their favorite restaurants, favorite shopping spot, or even inventions that Pasadena is most known for.

All the survey’s participants will be entered into a random drawing and we will be giving away Pasadena swag bags, courtesy of visit Pasadena.

More information is available  at www.visitpasadena.com/626day to see all the participating businesses in a variety of discounts and promotions being offered.

And here, eager readers, is the list of participating businesses:

Attractions & Entertainment

Clothing & Apparel

 Electronics & Tech

 Food & Drink

 Health & Beauty

 Home & Garden, Book, Books & Gifts


Office & Professional Services

Sports & Fitness


Pacific Oaks College – https://www.pacificoaks.edu/

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