Wild Parrot Brewing Company and Cerveceria Del Pueblo Team Up to Create Special ‘The Dena’ Brew

Published on Sep 10, 2023


Two Pasadena-based breweries are teaming up to create a special beer that celebrates their city and their friendship.

Wild Parrot Brewing Company and Cerveceria Del Pueblo have collaborated on a West Coast IPA called The Dena, which is expected to be released in two weeks.

The Dena will be a hoppy beer with grape and citrus notes, a reference to the agricultural history of Pasadena.  In coming up with the hop profile, both brewers wanted to put together something that called back to Pasadena.  They explained that once upon a time, much of the City was orange groves and vineyards, so the hops that were selected have local meaning.

Martin Quinones, the owner of Cerveceria Del Pueblo, said he and John Jackson, the owner of Wild Parrot Brewing Company, have known each other for a while and have always wanted to brew a beer together.

“We wanted to brew something that we know our customers would like, that we would be proud of,” Quinones said.

The Dena will be brewed at Cerveceria Del Pueblo, Quinones added. Cerveceria del Pueblo and Wild Parrot are the only two breweries in Pasadena where you can drink the beer where it’s made, Jackson said.

“So it seemed like a natural thing for us to come together and provide a beer that highlights both breweries,” he said, adding the collaboration was a natural extension of their friendship and their mutual support as local brewers.

“If I’m short some malt or he needs some hops or something, we’ll help each other out,” Jackson said. “And I go over to his place for beers and he comes over to my place for beers.”

This is the first collaboration for both breweries since they opened. Wild Parrot Brewing Company opened in 2022 and is co-located with Rosebud Coffee on Colorado Boulevard. Cerveceria Del Pueblo opened in 2019 and is inspired by South American ingredients.

Quinones said they’ve had earlier collaborations with other Pasadena businesses, including Jones Coffee Roasters and Erva Brew Co.

“The Dena” is a tentative name, Quinones said.

“Once it’s done, we have to try the beer, we have to taste it, do a sensory analysis, and make sure that the beer is what we want it to be,” he said. “And if something else comes up during that tasting session, then maybe we get inspired and we find a different name, we might change it. But as of right now, as of this time today, it will be named Dena.”

The Dena will be available on tap at both breweries and at select bars and restaurants in Pasadena.

Jackson said the beer will coincidently launch around Wild Parrot’s first anniversary celebration, which will take place on Sept. 16.  “I can’t think of a better way to commemorate our first year, than with a beer that represents our community and was brewed with Martin – the best dude in Pasadena.”

Stay tuned!

Meantime the brewing and pouring continue at Wild Parrot at 230-2 E Colorado Boulevard and at Cerveceria del Pueblo at 141 W Bellevue Dr,. For more info, visit https://www.wildparrotbrewing.com and www.delpueblo.beer.

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