84% of Mayfield Senior School Class of 2012, Already Admitted to College

The College Counseling office released some exciting college admissions data on the first week of February, which promises a bright future for the Class of 2012.

As of early February, 84% of the senior class has been admitted to a college or university. These students have been accepted at 69 different educational institutions across the country.

In addition, 85% of the Class of 2012 made at least one early college application. Our seniors have received early letters of acceptance from colleges including University of Pennsylvania, Boston College, Brown University, University of Chicago, Elon University, University of Michigan and Villanova University.

“We are terribly proud of the senior class for all of the effort, thoughtfulness and soul searching they did in order to find and apply to colleges that truly fit their individualized needs,” say college counselors Lori Holtrust and Abigail Shaw.

“One of Mayfield’s goals as a Holy Child school is to foster a sense of joy amongst our community,” adds Shaw. “One may argue that filling out applications for college develops only stress and angst, but these young women impress us endlessly with their continued perspective and support for one another throughout this process.”

In the fall, nearly 90 different college admissions representatives visited our seniors, with the intent of sharing more about their institution and getting to know our students. Holtrust says the experience was an incredible opportunity to further deepen seniors’ understanding of what they are looking for in a college. In addition to the visits from various college representatives, the senior class attended a very successful UC Application Workshop, led by Holtrust and Shaw, in order to work through the UC application.

The senior class continues to look at and apply to a broad range of colleges across the country and the world with the intent of finding an institution that fits their personalized needs. This includes large universities like UCLA and USC, Catholic universities such as Notre Dame, Villanova and Santa Clara University, and small liberal arts colleges including Swarthmore, Colby and Haverford.

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