Huntington Middle School: Mobile Devices at School

A new study published in May 2015 found kids do better in school when mobile devices are banned. For the study, researchers at the London School of Economics, the University of Texas, and Louisiana State University looked at the impact of cellphones on student performance by evaluating 91 schools in four cities in the U.K. before and after cellphone bans. By looking at the test scores of teens at each of the schools, researchers were able to determine what effect cellphone bans had on students’ grades.

Across the board, teens’ test scores increased by 6 percent after phone bans were implemented. The results were even better for kids who were struggling academically; their scores improved by 14 percent after the ban. The cellphone ban did not affect the test scores of high-achieving students.

As covered in the Rules Assembly and Fox Guide (p. 31), electronic devices are to be in the locker during school hours, including during Snack Break and Lunch Break. Aside from the distractions that mobile devices may cause in school (interruptions to instruction, impact on focus, loss and theft and time spent searching and investigating, etc.), it is important that students spend quality time to interact with peers.

Snack Break and Lunch Break are excellent opportunities for real-life, appropriate social-interactive learning, essential for successful interpersonal growth and development. Students are not forbidden to use mobile devices in the hours outside of school.

HMS appreciates the support of families to help the school enforce the mobile device rule for the seven hours of school each day. Please help remind students at home to keep their mobile devices in the locker during school hours if students were to bring their mobile devices to school.

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