Should Your Child Have a Tutor?

Each child learns differently, and seeking additional help only means bringing a new approach to understanding and comprehension that may be beneficial for a child. Look for these signs indicating your child would benefit from tutoring:

1.) “I don’t have any homework…” Your child is regularly stating no work is necessary, making excuses about not doing homework, or is avoiding work on a specific subject.

2.) “They’re not my friends anymore…” The student is unhappy in school or having problems socially. Teachers are contacting you about disruptive behavior, and you’re seeing patterns develop around attitude, homework, and testing.

3.) “I don’t have to; it’s not required…” Your child is avoiding work and doing only the minimum of what’s required for subjects that typically challenge her/him.

Parents often try to manage through these issues at the beginning of the school year. February through May is a common time to take action and seek out a tutor in an effort to stay on pace with other students and curricula to finish strong for the school year.

So, if your child is falling behind, would the guidance of a tutor help your child catch up? The purpose of tutoring is to speed up the learning process, make up the skills a child has lost or missed along the way, or get them back to the instructional level of other students, so teachers can continue the learning process. Tutoring can accelerate learning, achieve measurable results, and help students gain the confidence that comes with academic success.

Stratford’s Tutoring and Enrichment program is a highly effective, individualized program designed to encourage intellectual curiosity, thereby fostering passionate, lifelong learners. Focusing instruction on individuals, students gain skills and knowledge in a nurturing environment by actively engaging in dynamic, meaningful, and challenging learning.

If you are exploring tutoring options for your child, the Tutoring and Enrichment program is an excellent source of information and guidance.

Visit Stratford School at 2046 Allen Avenue in Altadena. You may contact them directly at or call (626) 498-2810. For more information visit the school’s website at



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