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Pasadena Progresses Towards Reclaiming 710 Freeway Stub

Published on Monday, January 10, 2022 | 5:00 am

According to a Department of Transportation report submitted to the City Council, the city continues to make progress towards reclaiming the State Route (SR) 710 Northern Stub.

More than 50 years ago, Caltrans seized hundreds of homes in southwestern Pasadena, the city of South Pasadena and the Los Angeles neighborhood of El Sereno through eminent domain in what ultimately became a failed effort to connect the Long Beach 710 and Foothill 210 freeways.

“The development of a relinquishment agreement between the City and Caltrans is underway as are key agency briefings to ensure key parties are aware of the progress being made.”

Caltrans demolished dozens of African-American homes in western Pasadena for the project.

According to National Public Radio, the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956 routed some highways directly through Black and Brown communities and, like Caltrans, took homes from families via eminent domain.

President Biden’s $3.5 trillion infrastructure plan supposedly will address racism ingrained in historical transportation and urban planning by earmarking $20 billion for a program that would “reconnect neighborhoods cut off by historic investments,” according to the Biden administration.

The state transit agency held the land for years, and over the past decade the 710 stub just a few miles from Old Pasadena, served as little more than a dropoff point for drivers heading south and a rock quarry for Caltrans.

With the technical feasibility analysis and supplemental traffic analysis completed, city staff said the process has now transitioned into the next phase, which is the development of a relinquishment agreement between the city and Caltrans.

According to the department, both the staff and Caltrans will jointly provide a status update to the California Transportation Commission (CTC) in late January and discuss upcoming steps in the relinquishment process.

The staff will return to the City Council in summer 2022 for its recommendations, according to the report.

Following the State relinquishment of the SR 710 northern stub area to the City, staff said public outreach will be conducted “to rework the stub back into the fabric of the city.”

This effort to layout the future land use, transportation network, and utility infrastructure network needed to reconnect Pasadena, is anticipated to begin in 2022, according to the staff report.

The report of the transportation department will be discussed by the City Council in its meeting on January 10 at 4:30 p.m.

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3 thoughts on “Pasadena Progresses Towards Reclaiming 710 Freeway Stub

  • So “historic investments” is now being used as a convenient euphemism for racist transportation infrastructure put into place by white privileged politicians of a bygone era? How about we make it it even playing field by reimbursing those “minorities” who were basically erased from our communities through unfair Caltrains eminent domain policies? Let’s not just walk the walk. Let’s talk the talk.

  • When will they force Caltrans to finally sell off the homes they were ordered to divest themselves of years ago. They are deliberately delaying the process for no good reason other than being obstinate.

  • The stub should be reused to connect the 110 freeway to the 210 freeway as a detour from the failed 710 north connector.