Eliot Middle School’s Asé is Bound for Los Angeles County High School for the Arts

Asé performing a monologue

Asé has been acting since she was six in community plays, and has been one of Mrs. Stechel’s top drama students this year.

She has been wanting to go to the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (Lachsa) for a while because of the environment and the amount of time focused on studying art. She decided to apply and had an audition in February. Asé said the audition was nerve-wracking and scary, and that the judges asked her very few questions.

Recently, Asé learned that she had been accepted into Lachsa!

When asked how being a student at Eliot Arts helped her develop as an actor, she replied that Mrs. Stechel gave her the opportunity to perform, which gave her confidence. Eliot visiting artist/teacher David Guerra also gave her lots of pointers, helped her make her monologues better.

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