Empowering Learning: Alumni and Community Volunteers Lead Winter Term Classes at Maranatha

Over 25 of Maranatha’s Winter Term classes were taught by talented volunteers from the community, including alumni, parents, and other community members. Among these volunteers was Jacob Kefalas.

Jacob, a Maranatha alum from the Class of 2020, views teaching at Maranatha as an opportunity to share his passions and give back to the school that played such a significant role in his development as a curious and lifelong learner. Although Winter Term was not offered during his time as a student, Jacob is enthusiastic about the program’s philosophy. He believes in the importance of students exploring new topics that they might not otherwise encounter during high school, not for the sake of high school credit or a good grade, but solely for the sake of learning something new and interesting. During this Winter Term, he led a course titled “Unlocking the Secrets to a Healthy Lifestyle” and an afternoon workshop on “Using Drones to Make 3D Models”.

Jacob expressed his appreciation for Winter Term, highlighting its role in involving more of the school community and sharing diverse expertise and perspectives with students. “I want to share things that I’m passionate about,” Jacob explained. He aims to pass on his knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm for learning, hoping to mentor students along the way.

After graduating from Maranatha, Jacob completed his studies at Arizona State University, earning a degree in Aeronautical Technology Management with a focus on Unmanned Aerial Systems. He also became a certified personal trainer. Jacob plans to move to Greece next year to further his education at an evangelical institution, deepening his understanding of what he cherishes most – his Christian faith.

For Maranatha students, Winter Term offered a unique opportunity to delve into various subjects out of pure inquisitiveness, embodying the joy of learning. Faculty and guest instructors like Jacob shared their talents and interests, aiming to inspire students to discover and pursue their passions and cultivate their own lifelong love of learning.

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