Flintridge Preparatory School Summer “Digital Video” Course

Flintridge Preparatory School’s Summer “Digital Video” course, students fully embraced the digital medium as a space for creative and experimental expression. While learning all the skills behind video production from photography teacher Ricardo Rodriguez, the students made stop-motion gifs and cinemagraphs, created sound sculptures, played with the keying technique and on-camera transitions to show movement, and even recorded themselves as multiple Zoom meeting participants who discussed their views on schools reopening this fall.

“One of the advantages of a creative environment is that it allows people to get in the flow and find innovative solutions to ideas or questions,” shares Rodriguez. “For this summer, I organized the class with both synchronous and asynchronous learning environments. Some of the methodologies used were lectures, pre-recorded tutorials, discussions, screenings, artist’s work, and critiques. Similarly to the classroom, students had to work independently on projects shooting and editing. Looking at what they created, it is evident that they not only learned a lot but had fun while doing it.”

While this course is only featuring a handful of all the work that students made this summer, each student produced incredible videos and images, and even put together a collaborative water fight video challenge!

1. 🎥 Bryan T. ’23
2. 🎥 Ana BM. ’23
3. 🎥 Presley N. ’23
4. 🎥 Stiles W. ’22

Flintridge Preparatory School, 4543 Crown Ave., La Cañada Flintridge, (818) 790-1178 or visit www.flintridgeprep.org.

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