Rainbows Ahead: Pasadena Waldorf School Class of 2036 Steps into Grade 1

Credit: Amandagish Pics and Nate B

Welcome to Pasadena Waldorf School’s Class of 2036, where transitions are celebrated with the same grace and magic that permeate its halls every day. The day marked a milestone for PWS’ little ones as they bid adieu to the whimsical realm of kindergarten and embarked on the enchanting journey to Grade 1, where the wonders of letters and numbers await.

Credit: Amandagish Pics and Nate B

Amidst the bittersweet farewells and joyous anticipation, emotions ran high as the Lily and Rose kindergarteners gathered to honor their departing friends. Guided by the gentle hands of their beloved teachers, Mrs. Balderrama and Mrs. Samayoa, they traversed the rainbow silk tunnel, a passage woven with memories and dreams shared.

Credit: Amandagish Pics and Nate B

As they emerged on the other side, greeted by the cheers of their younger peers, each child tenderly offered a symbol of their journey—a lily or a rose—to Mrs. Campbell, their beacon into the realm of knowledge that lay ahead. With hearts brimming with excitement and a touch of wistfulness, they followed her into the Grade 1 classroom, eager to embark on the next chapter of their odyssey.

Credit: Amandagish Pics and Nate B

And so, with a chorus of laughter and whispers of anticipation, the Class of 2036 embraced the promise of new beginnings, knowing that the magic of childhood would continue to guide their steps through the halls of learning.

Credit: Amandagish Pics and Nate B

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