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Aliens Among Us: AlienCon Returns to Pasadena

Beam into the unknown at AlienCon and uncover secrets of alien worlds and unforgettable mysteries
Published on Feb 21, 2023

[Photo courtesy AlienCon]

If you are seeking a mind blowing experience and are curious about unexplained mysteries and other worldly phenomena, AlienCon is the place for you. 

“It is an exploration into the unexplained mysteries that exist between science fact and science fiction.”

“Panels and presentations across multiple stages at the Pasadena Convention Center will range from ancient civilizations and lost worlds, to sacred relics and secret sites, close encounters and paranormal reports, cryptids, UFOs and the long road to Disclosure,”  a release about the event said. 

AlienCon will be in Pasadena for the second time around, this March 4 and 5. 

“The first time we were [in Pasadena] was June of 2018,” said Jill Tully, Vice President of Consumer Enterprises at A+E Networks. 

According to Tully, the two-day event is AlienCon’s first in-person event since pandemic started in 2020.

“We’re really looking forward to being back in Pasadena. The first event that we had there was so successful for us, and we’re excited to be able to bring it back to the wider Pasadena and Los Angeles community.” 

To be held at Pasadena Convention Center, AlienCon features panel discussions and presentations, autograph and photograph sessions, exclusive merchandise, screenings, and more. 

“Ancient Astronaut Theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos joins the expert lineup along with novel voices like former Defense Intelligence Officer and Director, UAP Task Force Jay Stratton, investigative journalist

George Knapp, and author of international bestseller Chariots of the Gods Erich von Däniken,” according to 

“People who attend will experience thought provoking panel discussions,” said Tully. “People can also get autographs or photographs with their favorite contributors from four of our history channel shows that will be featured there. We’ve got exclusive merchandise, so there’s lots of stuff happening.”

Previous celebrity speakers from iconic science fiction television shows and films who appeared at AlienCon came from Ancient Aliens, Project Blue Book, The UnXplained, Star Trek, The X-Files, Stranger Things, Doctor Who and more. 

For this year’s event, celebrity guests who will join include speakers who appear regularly on Ancient Aliens. People from Secret of Skinwalker Ranch are also attending. 

“We have our host and some of the experts from the Proof Is Out There, and we also have a number of experts from our other show called The Unexplained. So, we have around 34 guests coming and a lot of whom are featured regularly on our show,” said Tully.

The speakers will cover a wide range of topics including UAPs and UFOs. 

Over a hundred vendors will also participate in the event, as per Tully.

“We have everything from Droid builders, so some people who build R2D2s, BB8 from the Star Wars franchises.” 

“We have a number of different artists. So, everything from painters, sculptors, jewelers coming. We also have Alien Hot Sauce.”

According to Tully, the first ever AlienCon event started in 2016 in Santa Clara. 

AlienCon stemmed from the show Ancient Aliens, which explores all things about unexplained phenomena including aliens.

“There was a really vibrant community of people and super fans, and we decided we wanted to create a place for them to kind of get together. And that was kind of the precipice of how AlienCon came to be in 2016 and has kind of grown into a much larger community of people.” 

She continued: “We’re always really excited to get together and to hear and listen and kind of learn from a host of different panelists and experts and speakers that we’ve got.”

The upcoming event in Pasadena is the sixth in person event of AlienCon since it started, according to Tully. 

For more information and tickets, click here.

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