Finally! Pasadena Cheeseburger Week Starts Sunday: Why Not Start It At a Boat?

Local maritime landmark offers comfort food and lots of TVs
By EDDIE RIVERA, Weekendr Editor
Published on Jan 23, 2022

First things first. There is Clearman’s North Woods Inn, and there is Clearman’s Galley, just across a spacious parking lot from each other . One has snow on the roof year-round, and the other is built around the original wheelhouse of what was once a full-sized boat, parked on Huntington Drive.

Clearman’s Galley, the cavernous TV–filled sports bar built around that boat, was our destination for this Cheeseburger Week visit, our second so far.

Clearman’s Galley offers a bountiful Chili Cheeseburger that is meaty and flavorful. The bun is soft, very slightly greasy and slightly toasted. It makes for a hefty handful of burger, which is really what people want.

There are also a raft of sandwiches, chilis and salads, a seafood menu and a number of chicken dishes available. It’s neighborhood comfort food for hungry people.

We opted for the seasoned cross cut fries to accompany the burger, and they disappeared rapidly, as did the burger itself, for that matter.

The mood is hearty sports bar cuisine at Clearman’s Galley, with a lot of choices other than cheeseburgers, naturally. And when the pandemic has run its course, and loud happy fans gather underneath the dozen or so TV screens to watch a playoff or series game, or just for a Sunday afternoon match, those cheeseburgers will never taste better.

Cheeseburger Week runs from January 23rd to 28th,  as Pasadena honors Lionel Sternberger’s genius in accidentally burning a burger patty and quickly topping it with cheese, thus creating the first documented cheeseburger,  at the Rite Spot in Pasadena in 1924.

And,  beginning January 23, you can take the Cheeseburger Challenge right here.

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