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Ride that Train

Published on Feb 16, 2020

You can already hear that pulsing synthesizer. Mention Berlin and all the 80s kids go “Sorreeeee…,” evoking on of their biggest hits, “The Metro.”

Terri Nunn and Berlin have since received a total of twelve gold and platinum album awards, and Nunn’s style and unique voice influence have earned her the #11 spot on’s “100 Greatest Women in Rock.”

They will forever be recognized as the American progenitor of electro-pop artistry with sensually appealing lyrics. Few bands emerging from the era of Berlin have achieved as far-reaching and long-lasting an impact and, rarely, such a timeless array of musical grooves.

The L.A. -based band actually made its first national impression with the provocative single “Sex (I’m A…)” from the platinum-selling debut EP Pleasure Victim in 1982.

“No More Words” was another chart topper, but it was the unforgettable, intimate, and striking love song, “Take My Breath Away” that took the band to another level. The ballad’s defining role in the Tom Cruise film Top Gun helped solidify Berlin’s everlasting place in American pop culture. The song was a #1 international hit and received both the Golden Globe and Academy Award for “Best Original Song” in 1986.

You can relive the movie, the motion, and the Metro at the Rose at the Canyon, Friday, February 21. Show starts at 7. Teri comes on at 9.

The Canyon at The Rose – 245 E. Green St. • Pasadena, CA 91101. 888-645-8006.

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