Rugpublic Closes Location After 6 Years, Auction Scheduled

Published on Jun 17, 2023

Rugpublic, one of the leading area sources for hand-made, machine made, hand-woven, and hand-loomed rugs in the Pasadena area, closed its showroom in Montrose on June 18 as part of the family run business’ downsizing.

Rugpublic has been at the nearby location for the last six years. 

Owner Mehmet Bozatli said rental rates have gone up significantly, making it difficult for the family-run business to continue keeping the space.

Mehmet Bozatli, owner of Rugpublic.

“It’s becoming a little bit expensive for us to operate. So we have decided to downsize for business.”

A two-day auction, which will provide residents an opportunity to get good quality rugs at a “very low” price, is set to happen at the showroom on the 24th and 25th of this month.

It will run all day to 5 p.m.

“Anybody who comes in the store in the next five, six days is going to really get to see our extensive collection at deep discounts. And then at the auction, there’ll be a smaller selection of rugs, but there’ll be some really great opportunities to buy some vintage pieces, some new pieces, some antique pieces.”

“It’ll be a really fun opportunity for people to come and see a lot of rugs at once. The pricing is going to be very low. Obviously if there are a lot of people bidding on the rug, it might not end up selling them as at the starting price. But I think as anybody knows of auctions, you can really get a lot of really great deals.”

About 150 rugs will be auctioned off, according to Bozatli.

Rugpublic’s has been serving California customers since 2011 and opened a store in Los Angeles in 2014.

What sets it apart is its handcrafted rugs which are sourced directly from the weavers in India, Pakistan, Turkey, and Afghanistan. 

“When a customer comes into Rugpublic as opposed to any other rug store, I can really speak to them about the techniques behind the product, the people behind the product.”

“We know the manufacturing technique so well and we know the people behind them. So we can really offer our clients insight into their investment and give them a really good understanding of what they’re buying.”

After the event, people can still buy rugs online through website

Rugpublic will also offer an in-home service starting fall. Bozatli advised customers to sign up for an email list to get updates.

For more, call (818) 330-9977 or visit the showroom at 2131 Verdugo Blvd., in Montrose.

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