The Return of Trejo’s Taco’s

Danny Trejo scoots his place over to Madison Avenue’s Kitchen Mix United
By CYNTHIA YANG, Weekendr Staff Writer
Published on Jan 18, 2021

You’ve been wondering about Trejo’s Tacos. You got used to going there before a Pasadena Playhouse performance, or while perusing the cool local shops in the area, before the world closed.

Where in the cilantro did they disappear to? Chill. It’s back, just not in the same location.

Bad boy teen gangster turned convict turned movie star Danny Trejo has moved his Pasadena locale to join a host of other takeout and delivery eateries at Kitchen United Mix.

The taqueria features a menu Trejo remembers from his mother’s kitchen from his Echo Park days, so the story goes. Not exactly street tacos, but not designer food, either. And while we’re on the subject, you can buy one taco, get $5 off your second taco with code TREJOS when you order through @kitchen_united! The offer is good through January 31st.

Trejo’s joins other dining spots at the shared kitchen outlet, from Fresh Brothers Pizza, Greenleaf, Capriotti’s, and Moma’s Musubi, among others.

Come for the tacos, stay for everything.

Kitchen United Mix is at 55 S. Madison Avenue, Pasadena.

2 Comments to: The Return of Trejo’s Taco’s

  1. Karl Vandervoort

    April 21st, 2021

    Nice article about a restaurant where most everything in a taco is tasteless. I’ve lived near the Woodland Hills location for over 60 years and have been disappointed theee times. El Toreao in old Pasadena
    is a 1000% better. I loved Machete and Danny in Mi Vida Loca, But the Woodland Hills location is not that popular once the ‘newness’ has worn off.

    • William Cruz

      July 1st, 2021

      I really gave them a try and it’s no exaggeration to say this is the worst restaurant I’ve been to in Pasadena.


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