Raise Multilingual Kids with Oasis Trilingual Community School

Speaking more than one language is an essential tool to get ahead in life. Studies show that multilingualism enhances cognitive skills and increases the ability to focus and multitask.

Children can greatly benefit from a trilingual education, especially considering that in years to come, 80 percent of global economic growth will take place outside the United States. When your child knows how to speak English, Mandarin, Spanish—the three most spoken languages in the world—he or she will attract more opportunities and get the chance to become a global leader and change-maker in the future.

Oasis students rehearse play they wrote

And if you’re thinking to yourself, “Am I really my kids are learning English well enough to take on another language?” let us stop you right there: Oasis Trilingual School’s doors are open for you and your children.

After wrapping up its first school year, Oasis Trilingual School was honored on May 21st by Temple City Mayor Tom Chavez in a grand opening celebration and ribbon-cutting ceremony at the campus at the First United Methodist Church in Temple City, next to Pasadena.

School co-founder and principal Tamara Hernandez spoke at the festivities and then guided guests around the campus, and students performed a play they wrote before the delighted audience.

The opening celebration was also meant to educate guests and parents on Oasis Trilingual Community School’s flexible and inquiry-based learning—where students have a say on what they want to learn—and their language-building programs. Oasis’ students learn basic subjects like math and science in Mandarin and English, along with studying English, Spanish and Mandarin language arts.

Hernandez, who gathered other parents to start Oasis Trilingual School, introduced some of the school’s exceptional multilingual teachers, like Jingshuang Lu who teaches math, science, and Mandarin, Elsa Canchola from Mexico who teaches Spanish, and Lillie Lorraine Newman who teaches history traditionally and through music and performances.

The carefully-chosen curriculum was also explained: for Language Arts, Oasis uses Readers and Writers Workshop in English, Mandarin, and Spanish; math curriculum is Singapore Math taught in English and Mandarin; and science is using the Next Generation Science Standards.

Many guests were encouraged after their visit to enroll their children in the school and, in fact, Oasis is set to double the student population next year. They are currently enrolling students from TK to sixth grade.

Oasis Trilingual School is located at 5957 Golden West Avenue Temple City. For more information, call (626) 285-8262 or visit oasistrilingualschool.com.



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