Chandler’s Lower School | K-5, A Solid Foundation for Life

Chandler School (CS) guide K-5 children in social and emotional development as well as academic growth. Its program offers students a variety of challenges, the tools to meet those challenges, and the encouragement to approach challenges with a passion for learning more.

Chandler’s history as a traditional school with a commitment to academic rigor also includes an ongoing commitment to innovation, creativity and character development. In addition to the core curriculum, each grade tackles a STEAM project, uniting science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

Every week, students attend science, art, music, library, computer and Spanish classes taught by subject experts. Daily P.E. fosters more than fitness; it provides countless ways for students to develop teamwork, perseverance, resilience and discipline.

Chandler’s dedicated teachers bring true passion and professionalism to their craft. They offer students enrichment opportunities such as field trips, guest speakers and presentations to connect beyond the campus. All children in the Lower School benefit from guided service learning experiences.

Chandler uses technology in ways that support the curriculum, rather than drive it. Lower School technology integration prepares students for the one-to-one program offered in our Middle School. Most importantly, technology prepares students for the world in which they live and learn. Students develop technology vocabulary, citizenship, research skills, keyboarding skills and organization. They develop an understanding of proper care and maintenance of tools, how to select appropriate tools when they need them, how to protect their privacy and identity and how to keep a healthy balance of high-tech, low-tech and no-tech experiences.

Chandler School’s parent portal offers families helpful resources for organization, communication, homework and ongoing learning. All students receive homework assignments designed to enrich their learning at each grade level.

CS welcome partnership and communication with parents. The school send home report cards each trimester, offer parent-teacher conferences twice a year, and are available to meet as the need arises. Timely topics are also discussed in parent forums with guest experts or administrators, and host community events throughout the year.

Educators in the Lower School understand that, as important as it is to teach academic subjects, first and foremost comes a focus on teaching children. Chandler School knows that children develop a strong sense of themselves as dedicated learners and community members when provided a challenging and nurturing education in their formative years.

Chandler School, 1005 Armada Drive, Pasadena, (626) 795-9314 or visit







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