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Something New is Sprouting at Kidspace Children’s Museum

Published on Sep 20, 2022

Something new is sprouting at Kidspace Children’s Museum! Our whimsical new outdoor exhibit, Muddy Boot Farm, invites children to “dig in” to the farm-to-table movement beginning September 24.

Grab a trowel and a wheelbarrow and discover which crops are ripe and ready in the planting boxes (and meet some surprising garden friends along the way!). Prepare, sort, weigh, and sell your harvest at the farm stand. Explore a silly chicken coop and unwind with the hens after work.

“Muddy Boot Farm is a wonderfully silly space that will engage children in serious play and learning,” said Lisa Clements, Kidspace CEO. “We’ve designed the exhibit for a variety of ages and play styles, from digging and harvesting to sorting, weighing, selling, exploring, and of course plenty of imaginative role play.”

Daily programming will dig deeper into plant growth cycles. Explore the path our food takes from the seed to the store as you watch how seedlings sprout and grow. Delve into the world of decomposers as you learn how organic food scraps turn into rich nutrients to help fruits and vegetables grow. We think you’ll like it very mulch!

The Muddy Boot Farm exhibit opens on September 24 at Kidspace Children’s Museum and is included with daily admission. For more information on Family Membership, and to reserve tickets visit us at

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