Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Celerity Exa Charter School Closed by Pasadena Fire Marshal

The Pasadena Fire Department served the Celerity Exa Charter School with a notice today to immediately vacate its premises at 1530 Elizabeth Street (William Carey International University Campus) due to alleged substandard building conditions and life safety violations of the Pasadena Municipal and California Fire Codes.

Pasadena Police Warn Of Phone Solicitors Impersonating Law Enforcement

Pasadena Police are warning that phone solicitors impersonating law enforcement have been placing calls to local residents, accusing theme of failure to show for jury duty and owing money.

What's On Today

Book Lovers’ Mecca

Its the event that book lovers wait for every year. Whether one sells books, buys books, or simply loves to be around them, Bustamante Enterprises Antiquarian Book Fair at the Pasadena Center, is book mecca.…

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